Who are we?

We try and keep things as simple as possible here at SoDak Marketing. No fancy jargon and no smoke and mirrors. We care about bringing your business more customers - that's about it.

With our roots in traditional marketing, retail sales and the digital landscape we're able to bring an interesting twist to your marketing campaigns. Being raised in a small rural farming community we recognize the value of every dollar that goes into your business. Why is that important?

It's important because we respect your marketing budgets as it's directly tied to your bottom line. Let's build a responsible, sustainable and scalable marketing campaign to bring in more quality customers.

Who Are We?

Just a team of nerds looking to help grow your business through digital marketing and strategy.
Excellent Support
We take a lot of stock in being able to be reached (especially by email) almost 24/7. We want to be right beside you as you make crucial decisions for your business.
Awesome Team
With years of experience in ever changing digital marketing space we're confident in being a good fit to help find you more quality customers.
Faster Performance
Business growth is all about being able to scale your marketing efforts effectively. We have to be lightning fast to bring you the best products!

Our Vision

We want to bring quality marketing campaigns to business of all sizes in many different fields. We keep education in the forefront in regards to products we offer as well as trends in the marketing space.